Oil and Gas Lease Review

In order to harvest the valuable oil and gas resources under the surface a landowner typically enters into a lease agreement with an oil and gas company. Under such an agreement the landowner gives the oil and gas company the right to explore for and extract the mineral in exchange for monetary compensation. In these situations the gas companies tend to have the advantage of size and sophistication with lease terms, knowledge of the property, and the underlying hydrocarbon reserves. This knowledge tends to give the oil and gas company an advantage during the negotiation of the lease agreement. The lawyers at Colligan Law can help level the negotiating table.

Colligan Law has successfully represented many landowners negotiate lease agreements with oil and gas companies. We understand all facets of oil and gas leasing including royalty payments, free gas, up-front bonuses, proper valuation of the leased interest, and surface rights. Our guidance extends beyond the negotiation process to ensure that the landowner’s rights are protected during the installation and drilling phases.